The "futuristic tech" behind the BMT shows a storm of innovation in China's industrial sector


Recently, a short video about elderly people traveling on the Double Ninth Festival has warmed people's hearts.

"Used to take the bus in rush hour, I cannot even climb up, I am old, my legs and feet are not good anymore." In the video, something the old man said shows the elderly’s helplessness for travelling.

The futuristic tech behind the BMT shows a storm of innovation in Chinas industrial sector

The futuristic tech behind the BMT shows a storm of innovation in Chinas industrial sector

Due to some reasons about bus bump, crowded, the elderly's body reconciliation ability being poor, unbearable external force collision etc., which make the elderly take bus easy to fall, fracture and other accidents. Families often worried about 1`. According to census data, China's working-age population has been increasing since the 1980s. The working-age population aged between 15 and 64 increased from 625.17 million in 1982 to 100.4.03 million in 2012, an average annual increase of 12.629 million. At the same time, the number of elderly people in China has been growing steadily. It is predicted that by 2025, The number of People over 60 will reach 300 million, making China a super-aged country.

But at this stage, the elderly is still at a weak position when it comes to travel. As people struggle to cope with the helplessness of getting around the elderly, the reversal in the video elicits a smile. A BMT came up to the two old people, and the low steps, spacious and steady interior allowed them to tread on the ground inside.

The futuristic tech behind the BMT shows a storm of innovation in Chinas industrial sector

The futuristic tech behind the BMT shows a storm of innovation in Chinas industrial sector

With the increase of the elderly population, the travel of the elderly has begun to be concerned by the society. In order to avoid unnecessary harming the elderly travel meet, the old office jointly issued "on further strengthening and improving the elderly disabled travel service implementation opinions", which points out that national policies to encourage qualified new urban bus priority low floor buses, meet the travel needs of the elderly, disabled, a better life. By 2020, all new buses in cities with a population of more than 5 million will have low floors. In 2035, perfect transport barrier-free travel services will be provided.

Several bus companies in China responded positively and launched the BMT with public transport companies in Shanghai, Jinhua, Fuzhou, Ningde and other places. With the advantages of "only one step, full flat floor, and large passage space similar to the metro", the elderly's safety and travel vision is carried in it.

On the surface, it is a concern for the elderly and full of social responsibility, but behind it, the bonus of futuristic technology is the fundamental support to achieve the goal of safe travel for the elderly.

The futuristic tech behind solving travel pain points

At present, due to safety, comfort, operational efficiency and other aspects of consideration, European countries and Japan are promoting low-floor buses. However, due to the limitation of parts and components resources, the bus riding experience in Europe and Japan has not substantially changed, and low-floor buses still have narrow passageways and cramped space.

Thanks to the continuous breakthroughs in technology of PanGood Power, China has finally overcome the difficulty of low-floor structure in the field of buses. Now, Jinhua, Fuzhou, Ningde, Shanghai and other places have realized the operation of the BMT.

The futuristic tech behind the BMT shows a storm of innovation in Chinas industrial sector

The BMT features low floor, large passageway, full flat floor, etc., and the rear door is designed behind the rear wheel, realizing the true meaning of "getting on at the front door, getting off at the back door". This design satisfies the travel needs of the elderly and the disabled, and at the same time makes the space in the car be larger, making it convenient for passengers to get on and off.

The futuristic tech behind the BMT shows a storm of innovation in Chinas industrial sector

On the first view, the interior of the BMT has undergone a "simple" transformation, but these "simple" interior structural adjustments require drastic changes in the mechanical structure of the body chassis.

And all of this, from PanGood Power to create a distributed electric drive. Motor can be divided into radial magnetic field motor and aixla flux motor from the direction of magnetic field. Axial flux motor has the advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency and high precision. Faraday invented the world's first motor in 1821, which was axial magnetic field. However, due to the three major problems of heat dissipation, material and mass production technology, which lasted for 200 years without breakthrough, there has been no mass application so far.

PanGood Power takes the lead in completing the industrialization of aixla flux motors, which is more than double the power density and torque density of the existing mainstream motors in the market. The driving motor system efficiency area of new energy vehicles is more than 90%, and the comprehensive performance index is excellent.

At the same time, PanGood disc motor belongs to aixla flux motor, which is naturally characterized by "small size, light weight and high efficiency". In the case of the same radial size, the torque arm is longer, the efficiency of low speed and high torque is higher, and the aixla flux motor is easier to achieve double or multiple air gap surfaces, thus the magnetic field utilization efficiency is higher.

Early by materials, structure, process, restricted by the factors of cost, axial magnetic field of the motor have not been able to large-scale industrialization, and now, PanGood Power through independent research and development, realize the industrialization application of axial magnetic field of the motor, not only has realized the carrying and application on electric passenger cars, more bring the subversive structure for vehicle.

It can be seen from the vehicle announcement that the BMT adopts the PanGood Power TZ260XS120 aixla flux motor, which is called "ICS120k CDU(core drive unit)". By integrating reducer, motor controller, independent suspension of four airbags and electronic differential system, the product achieves the effect of shorter axial size and lighter weight, and the weight reduction of the driving system can reach 700kg-800kg.

The futuristic tech behind the BMT shows a storm of innovation in Chinas industrial sector

The PanGood wheel side electric drive system is flexibly arranged in the inside of the rear wheel of the BMT. The width of the rear wheel passage reaches 850mm, which alleviates the previous problems of narrow passage and cramped space. Due to the innovation of the driving system, the BMT also breaks the layout form of "front and middle door" of the bus at the present stage, and successfully realizes the layout form of "front and back door", effectively guiding the flow of passengers without the interference of reverse passenger flow.

The PanGood motor not only improves the riding environment inside the bus, but also has better handling performance than the traditional bus. In order to directly verify the improvement of the operation brought by the PanGood motor to the BMT, the authorities also carried out right-angle turning test, anti-skid performance test, uphill start test and pile winding test for the BMT and the traditional bus. Thanks to the electronic differential system with PanGood distributed drive, the vehicle can still start smoothly on 12% ramps with single-wheel adhesion close to 0, which is equivalent to an ASR system upgrade of the vehicle.

In the right-angle turnning test, the BMT drives at a speed of 50KM/H at a right-angle turn, and the body Angle after turning is 2.6 degrees. The traditional contrast bus runs at a speed of 40KM/H with a body Angle of 5.5 degrees. The BMT is more stable under this extreme working condition.

The futuristic tech behind the BMT shows a storm of innovation in Chinas industrial sector

In the pile-winding control test, the BMT also drive between piles at a speed of 50KM/H with a body tilt Angle of 3.58 degrees, while competing traditional buses drive at a speed of 40KM/H with a body tilt Angle of 6.57 degrees. The vehicle has such excellent handling performance, mainly due to the wheel side independent suspension structure and electronic differential control.

Technical endorsement results in the role of PanGood Power "facilitator"

The reason why the BMT can perfectly solve the travel pain point, behind this, PanGood Power plays the role of facilitator. With its headquarter located in Shanghai and production base located in Jinhua, PanGood Power is an innovative high-tech enterprise with a multinational expert team. With axial magnetic field CDU (core drive unit) as the core, PanGood Power develops and integrates core components to provide customers with energy saving and efficient electric drive solutions. Now, the PanGood CDU is more than 50% lighter than the traditional motor, the axial size is more than 50% smaller, and the power density and torque density have exceeded the us 2025 and China 2030 motor planning targets.

According to the official website of PanGood Power, as of October 10, after nearly 5 years of accumulation, the total number of patent applications for PanGood Power is 729, including 169 invention patents and 16 international PCT patents. PanGood Power ranks first in the world in the number of patents in the field of axial flux electric drive. After PanGood Power, is Japan, Europe and other well-known "technology master."

The futuristic tech behind the BMT shows a storm of innovation in Chinas industrial sector

In addition to the BMT mentioned above, the electric drive technology developed by PanGood Power should be widely applied in the field of commercial vehicles.

Electric sanitation vehicles have not been widely used because of their weaker working capacity than fuel vehicles. PanGood from drive system solve the problem of vehicle operation space layout, from fan, sweeping brush, hydraulic station, such as solving the problem of operating system energy consumption, to charge their homework more than two consecutive days, one of the most representative five tons electric sweep road car electric drive solutions, whole vehicle in addition to the box body lifting device is a hydraulic drive, all adopt high efficiency electric drive, compact structure, high space utilization, operation capacity of eight tons of fuel oil level.

For short distance, high speed and heavy load transport, muck and other engineering vehicles, PanGood Power developed a central integrated 4AMT electric drive axle system, which can make the climbing slope of heavy vehicles more than 30%. At the same time, the central integrated 4AMT electric drive axle system eliminates the transmission shaft, and applies the parallel shaft to achieve high transmission and feedback efficiency. The PanGood CDU has high efficiency and wide efficient area, and the overall mileage is effectively improved.

In the field of passenger vehicles, currently PanGood Power is jointly developing the passenger vehicle CDU with the domestic famous automobile group based on the whole vehicle project, which can remove the shell's direct integration with the reducer and controller depth, reduce the axial size, and reduce the system volume and weight. The CDU power density used is a staggering 6.5kW /kg.

In the industry, PanGood Power products in vacuum pump, robot joints, servo punch, air compressor, generator, elevator door machine, traction machine, side hanging high-end electric friction, electric excavator and other fields have aroused strong interest of customers, and continue to launch subversive products.

New energy commercial vehicles, new energy passenger vehicles, portable machinery, mechanical equipment and industrial fields, PanGood Power products are getting higher and higher.

In an industry, participants coexist with facilitators, and PanGood Power acts as the "facilitator." Today, PanGood Power is continuously promoting the revolution of electric drive system in various industries, contributing to the improvement of global energy efficiency.