Jinhua having bought new batch of BMT again!


On February 1, 2021, Jinhua's third intercity BRT line "Jinhua-Wuyi Express Line" was officially put into operation. It is understood that the Jinwu express line will be opened by the use of the BMT, in addition to the same batch of 10 BMT to replace the original bus No.9 line. This is another batch purchase after Jinhua's batch purchase of BMT was put into operation in August 2020.


Was decided in such a short time after purchase, the main reason is because after the first BMT line, obtained the social widespread praise from all walks of life: BMT optimization shine at the moment, let the passengers all low flat plate let bus compartment no step by step, especially for the elderly, women and children, the disabled, can bring more passengers safe, convenient and comfortable ride experience; Secondly, the first batch of BMT has been in operation for 6 months, with a single-vehicle mileage of nearly 40,000 kilometers. The wheel-drive system reliability of the four-airbag independent suspension with PanGood Power has been unanimously recognized. At present, BMT has covered a number of mainstream bus manufacturers, and there will be more car factories to promote industrial reform together with BMT in the future. In addition, the BMT is also a pioneer in energy conservation. Due to the cancellation of the traditional heavy transmission device, the body of the BMT is reduced by at least 1 ton compared with the bus of the same length, and the energy consumption of the BMT is reduced by more than 15% compared with the ordinary pure electric bus of the same meter section.

Overall, the BMT continued to buy conform to Jinhua for a long time in the local bus continued to explore new energy, new technology innovation policy, bus service is one of the most important aspects of the "popular" project, the future BMT will continue efforts to provide citizens with more secure, more fast, more civilized, more comfortable travel service.


The reporter visited all over the country and conducted in-depth interviews on the BMT between different groups. The BMT drivers said in interviews that the multi-functional dial of the new energy BMT can help drivers realize intelligent driving control; The front and rear door design, coupled with the all-flat floor structure like a metro inside the car, can save 50% of the time for passengers to get on and off the bus, but also provide convenience for the driver, optimize the driver's driving efficiency; In particular, the fast speed, strong power and excellent driving experience of BMT has made them a hot topic in drivers' circles. It is understood that in some domestic bus companies, there are even many drivers competing to sign up for a post to open the BMT phenomenon, in order to be able to feel in line with the world public transport trend of the BMT science and technology charm.

Many passengers in the BMT, said after the model of low floor, wide channels, more open than traditional bus, and the steps of the car also have no common existence, without the hills, is improved for the disabled, sick child and other vulnerable groups public transportation problem, and avoid the brakes due to passengers after the mountain standing high center of gravity potential safety hazard. The ergonomic seating arrangement in the carriage also brings a more intimate and stable ride experience -- the appearance of BMT has led many passengers to praise the original bus ride can be so comfortable, convenient and safe.

BMT, which has been well received by passengers and bus companies, has become a phenomenon. In the past year, batches of "BMT" have been delivered in different cities, providing a new experience and model for the whole industry, which has been praised by passengers, governments and bus companies in many places.


The first BMT line opened in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, in August 2020. BMT caused a great stir in the local area as soon as it appeared, because it effectively solved the problems of safety hidden dangers brought about by the layout of traditional bus models, such as the high back hill and unstable standing on the steps behind the middle door. Passenger citizens call "it's unique!", "good design"!

BMT were put into operation in Ningde, Fujian province, in September 2020. The new bus mode and experience meet the needs of different passengers and are highly recognized by the passengers. It is praised by the local media as "accelerating the construction and upgrading of 'Electric Ningde'" and "significantly improving the image of Ningde".

BMT were delivered to Fuzhou, capital of Fujian province, in October 2020. Compared with other models of the same length, the number of passengers carried by the same type of BMT increased by about 33 percent, which relieved the pressure of local bus operation during the rush hour and aroused wide attention from local citizens and media. Elderly passenger feedback, no longer worried about the "the stop of get on the bus."

In November 2020, the first trial of BMT was carried out in Daocheng, a tourist attraction in Sichuan province. The BMT rides in Daocheng Yading Scenic Area, which is surrounded by various peaks and arches. With its strong power, smooth driving and continuous climbing, the BMT solves the concern of "not being able to climb" when using the new energy bus in mountain scenic areas, and improves the operation intensity of drivers. The spacious and comfortable interior environment effectively improves the ride comfort.

In December 2020, 200 BMT were put into operation in the international city of Shanghai. Once appeared successfully "out of the circle", with large capacity and sense of science and technology fans countless. After taking the subway bus, an international friend said, "Taking the BMT, the wide space and the whole flat floor, makes me feel more comfortable and safe."

In January 2021, the BMT was officially put into operation in Liyang, Changzhou. This line is one of the important lines in Liyang city area, the passenger flow is larger. The arrival of the BMT, due to its safe and reliable performance, spacious space and user-friendly setting, has aroused a warm response among local residents.

In February 2021, Jinhua purchased BMT again. Public transportation is a livelihood project. The continuous use of subway buses with large capacity and convenience will help enterprises to achieve a balance between economic and social benefits in the future.

In January 2021, issued by the Ministry of Transport on the service "instructional advice on the construction of a new development pattern, and points out that to further optimize the structure of transport, to service the people, adhere to the reform and innovation, positive use of artificial intelligence, Internet of things technology to help promote the new transport infrastructure construction, such as building intelligent bus, intelligent bus new formats. With numerous black technologies and invention patents, BMT has unique advantages in ensuring passengers' safe travel, which conforms to the basic interests and core demands of passengers.

In addition, the "Government Work Report" of the NPC and CPPCC in 2020 has proposed to focus on supporting the development of new energy vehicles, strengthening the new urban-rural development and transportation construction, and improving the public facilities and service capacity of county seats. At the same time, the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China included "stable and stable reduction after reaching the peak of carbon emissions" into the long-term goal of China in 2035. The goal of reaching the peak of carbon and the vision of carbon neutrality are the goal and direction of the comprehensive green transformation of China's economy and society. The continuous delivery and repeated purchase of BMT are not only of great significance for bus groups all over the country to deepen the supply-side reform and achieve high-quality development, but also have a demonstrative long-term effect on building a new technological plateau of China's new energy vehicle industry and promoting the realization of China's carbon peak goal and carbon-neutral vision.