Higher Power Density

With the high torque density of the motor, the output power will be higher at the same speed.

Higher Torque Density

The wheel-side torque of PanGood wheel-side axle is equivalent to the imported one. And the inner width and torque is superior to the wheel-side axle of other domestic manufacturers. It is more suitable for the bus design with a low floor.

Shorter Axial Dimension

With the same torque and power, the torque density and power density of the axial flux motor are higher, so the volume and the weight are smaller.

Efficiency Map Exceeds Double 90

PanGood motor and controller system is tested by an authorized third-party, and the system efficiency reaches 95.2%.

Under the full working range, the high efficiency area of the system exceeds 90%

Note: The PanGood Power efficiency data comes from the actual measure data in Shanghai Motor Vehicle Testing Center.

PanGood Patents

Now, PanGood has applied for more than 1230 patents. The patent number of PanGood ranks first in the world for the axial flux motor.

Manufacturing Strength

PanGood Assembly Line

Superior Tests

PanGood Test Collections

BMT 15000 Kilometers of Comprehensive Road Condition Test