the BMT Showing Up at the Shanghai International Bus Show


At December 9th to 11th, 2020, the 9th CIB EXPO Shanghai International Bus Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International EXPO Center. The exhibition is based on China and radiates to the whole world, closely following the market frontier, focusing on displaying the latest products, top technologies and solutions in the field of bus, attracting more than 300 enterprises in the whole bus industry chain to participate together.

创新驱动 æ™ºé€ å‡çº§â€”â€”åœ°é“å·´å£«äº®ç›¸ä¸Šæµ·å›½é™…å®¢è½¦å±•

Adhering to the concept of "innovation drives 'intelligent' manufacturing", KINGLONG bus, with its innovative new product "Bus Metro Transit"(BMT), added charm to the exhibition.

创新驱动 æ™ºé€ å‡çº§â€”â€”åœ°é“å·´å£«äº®ç›¸ä¸Šæµ·å›½é™…å®¢è½¦å±•

"Beautiful instrument panel, reasonable layout, comfortable driver seat!" "The interior structure is flat and open, without the 'back hills' of traditional buses. It is very convenient to get on and off the bus, which cares for the elderly and the disadvantaged." "The decorative light belts have a great sense of technology and modern elements. If you drive on the Bund, the interior and exterior of the car will be covered by a landscape." At this exhibition, the KINGLONG BMT won the favor of a number of guests, full of praise.

创新驱动 æ™ºé€ å‡çº§â€”â€”åœ°é“å·´å£«äº®ç›¸ä¸Šæµ·å›½é™…å®¢è½¦å±•

The shape of the BMT combines the latest international fashion trend, and the narrow frame shape is matched with the embossed wheel eyebrow, which is in line with the modern aesthetic. The driving area has a wide and panoramic view of the road. The interior color is simple and gorgeous, humanized seat specifications and layout, travel is to enjoy. In terms of technical innovation, the BMT adopts the PanGood Power four-airbag wheel side independent suspension drive system, and eliminates the vehicle transmission shaft, rear axle and other Settings which makes lighter bulk weight, higher power transmission efficiency and fast control response. Low floor, large passageway full flat car layout, the body weight of the vehicle is reduced by 700-800kg, the riding efficiency is increased by 50%, the standing area of the same number of seats is increased by 69%. The metro design concept enables passengers to board in one step, barrier-free rapid passage is achieved, and the riding efficiency is significantly optimized. In terms of intelligence, the BMT makes full use of intelligent network technology to achieve the efficient coordination of "human-vehicle-route cloud", so as to guarantee the good travel of drivers and passengers.


In Fuzhou, a batch of KINGLONG BMT put into trial operation, attracting the attention of citizens and the media. "Taking the BMT gives the vulnerable a sense of gain and the passengers a sense of security." The person in charge of the operation of Kangchi New bus company said that public transportation is a project for people's livelihood, and enterprises also need to survive and develop. How to achieve the balance of economic and social benefits, the BMT provides us with a solution.

In Ningde, five BMT equipped with wheel-side drive technology were put into operation for the first time, which is also the first BMT equipped with wheel-side drive in Fujian province, helping to build a new direction and mode of "electric Fujian" transportation operation. With the application of this batch of low-floor buses, it brings more safe and environmentally friendly public transport services for citizens and improves the quality of ningde public transport service.

In Daocheng of Sichuan province, the BMT ran around the Scenic spot of Yading, successfully completing the 3-day trial operation in the scenic spot. The new car was integrated with the beautiful scenery of the tourist resort, comprehensively matching the needs and terrain characteristics of the scenic spot. Xiao Jian, a safety consultant of Yading Travel and Development Company, commented, "There are many daocheng Yading Mountain roads, the BMT has strong power and smooth running. The operation intensity of the drivers has been improved accordingly, and the spacious and comfortable interior environment has also effectively improved the riding comfort. This year, the BMT has been put into operation in Fuzhou, Ningde, Jinhua and other places, which has received good feedback from the public and provided a demonstration solution for the construction of a modern city's beautiful public transport.

BMT, for better travelling.